Why Us? It’s Simple! – We provide a solution to your Problem

The challenge

Imposed Federal, State and Local regulations impact your ability to sell products directly to customers online and in-person. Selling products with extensive regulations require specialized tools and regulation expertise.

Mainstream e-Commerce platforms offer no support by default or explicitly ban platform usage. As a result, you hire expensive developers and invest loads of money on apps trying to maintain compliance regulations not supported by default.

Our Solution

It’s simple yet powerful. Prioritize regulatory features, e-commerce functionality, create relevant tools and offer enhanced analytics. We enable your products to be sold online and in-person in compliance with current regulations.

What about future regulations? We are actively monitoring the inevitable changes in laws which impact sales online and in-person. Our development team frequently pushes system updates to ensure you’re in compliance and running on the latest e-commerce technology.

As an eCommerce platform dedicated to regulated products and industries, we have solutions for both direct-to-consumer and wholesale B2B sales.

A Pulse on the Future Ahead

In the last few years we’ve seen public discussions and proposed regulations across the E-cigarette, CBD, and Marijuana (THC) industries. The rapid advancements in E-cigarette technology increased consumer adoption and brought mainstream media attention as large business acquisitions took place. This spotlight has pushed regulators to assess necessary laws to control E-cigarettes. We expect continuous change to current laws as regulators adapt to this young and prosperous market.

Just like the E-cigarette industry, changes to the CBD sector are taking place quickly following the passing of the Farm Bill which legalizes hemp-derived CBD at the federal level. As of early 2019, 10 states have legalized marijuana and multiple states provide medical Marijuana permits. As research ramps up and State adoption occurs, we believe Marijuana (THC) sales will expand beyond in-person commerce to also be allowed under regulations for online sales.

Open or migrate your store to our cutting edge e-commerce platform today. As law changes take place and regulations are defined, you can be confident Compliant Commerce is committed to building solutions across the E-cigarette, CBD and Marijuana (THC) sectors. As thought leaders and industry professionals, we’ll be there as your technology partner to traverse the progressive legal landscape.